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Information About Orthodontic Services

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Orthodontic care should take place as early as childhood to account for changes in the development of the teeth and jaw that can lead to misalignment.

The teenage years are often seen as an ideal time to receive braces or other forms of orthodontic care because the baby teeth are often all gone.

If you missed out on receiving proper orthodontic care in your childhood or teen years, we provide a range of options to create the smile you want.

Typically used for children, a space maintainer can help with proper jaw development and give permanent teeth more room to erupt from the gums.

A palatal expander is often used as a part of early orthodontic treatment to help promote the development of aligned upper and lower teeth and jaw.

If you're experiencing jaw pain, discomfort, or problems chewing, you could benefit from a bite analysis to determine if your teeth are misaligned.

A low-radiation diagnostic tool, 3D digital x-rays capture detailed images of your teeth, bone, and jaw that cannot be viewed with a clinical exam.

Digital impressions are often a part of an orthodontic evaluation and provide a detailed image and assessment of the patient's upper and lower teeth.

There's a reason why the majority of teens and adults receiving orthodontic care receive traditional metal braces: they are reliable and effective.

Invisalign has risen in popularity over the years because it provides patients with an opportunity to discreetly achieve a straight, beautiful smile.

If your teen needs orthodontic care but doesn't like the look of conventional metal braces, Invisalign has options for adolescents and adults alike.

Clear teeth aligners are a wonderful alternative for patients of all ages who desire a straight smile but don't want to deal with brackets and wires.

At Ashcraft Orthodontics, we can craft an assortment of customized retainers (clear, fixed, or Hawley) to suit your preferences and oral needs.

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