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Retainers are often the final step for many orthodontic treatment plans that serve to straighten and align the teeth with braces or clear aligners. This appliance is necessary for patients to achieve and maintain the results of their orthodontic treatment by keeping the teeth in place as the jawbone stabilizes and adjusts to the new and improved alignment. Ashcraft Orthodontics Jacksonville is pleased to offer patients of all ages a varied range of retainers to suit your unique needs and preferences. Board-certified orthodontist Dr. Michael Ashcraft is able to help patients determine the appropriate retainer for their needs. To learn more about retainers and proper retainer maintenance, contact our Jacksonville, AR orthodontic office and speak to a skilled member of our team.

Types of Retainers

Ashcraft Orthodontics Jacksonville offers its patients three kinds of retainers. The correct retainer for you will be chosen based on your unique needs and preferences. During your appointment, Dr. Ashcraft will go over the advantages and uses for each type and help you select your ideal retainer.

• Clear retainer: A clear retainer is discreet and virtually invisible on the teeth. They are typically similar to clear aligner orthodontics in terms of appearance and feel.

• Fixed retainer: A retainer that is fixed cannot be removed. Instead, it is bonded behind the front teeth to stay in place. Fixed retainers can attach to individual teeth or to teeth on either side of the mouth.

• Hawley retainer: Unlike fixed retainers, Hawley retainers can be placed inside of the mouth or taken out at will. These retainers are typically crafted with smooth wire, plastic, and clasps to hold the appliance in place.

Best Candidates

Once the active phase of orthodontics (the period spent wearing braces or clear aligners) concludes, the retention period begins. The retainment period involves the use of a retainer to prevent the teeth from shifting after ortho treatment. Recipients of orthodontics should wear a retainer for a period of time afterward to maintain their straight and healthy smile, or until their jaw has adjusted and is able to keep the teeth in their new positions. A retainer could also be helpful for younger patients who have both baby and adult teeth with jaws that are still developing.

What to Expect

Once your braces or clear aligners are removed, you will enter the retention phase of your orthodontic treatment. During an appointment, one of our ortho assistants will take digital impressions of your upper and lower teeth and have the resulting scans sent to a lab where your retainer will be created. Once your retainer has been crafted, it will be sent back to our Jacksonville, AR office. When you return to pick up your retainer, Dr. Ashcraft will ensure that the fit is comfortable and provide you with instructions for care, wear, and cleaning.


In order to maintain your newly straight smile, you should wear your retainer as instructed by Dr. Ashcraft. He will go over with you how often you can expect to wear your retainer. This amount of time often varies by age, jaw development, your orthodontic concerns, and other factors. While patients who receive braces in childhood or adolescence typically wear a retainer until their jaw development is complete (around 20 – 25 years of age), patients who received ortho care at an older age may not require the use of a retainer for as long. When you are fitted with a retainer, it's important to come in for scheduled follow-ups as necessary. If you have a fixed retainer that becomes loose over time, Dr. Ashcraft can adjust the fit during a check-in appointment. If you happen to lose or damage your retainer, please contact our office as soon as possible so you can be fitted with a replacement immediately to prevent your teeth from shifting.

Insurance Coverage

Our team at Ashcraft Orthodontics believes that everyone who is need of orthodontic care should have access to said care. We will work with your insurance company and file a claim on your behalf to gauge your total coverage and benefits. If you have any out-of-pocket costs or don't have insurance at all, we accept a range of payment options along with low-interest medical financing.

Customized Retainers For You

Whatever your orthodontic situation may be, our skilled team can craft a retainer that suits your needs and maintains the health and beauty of your smile. If you live in Central Arkansas and are looking to take your orthodontic care to the next step, contact our office in Jacksonville, AR and schedule an appointment with experienced orthodontist Dr. Michael Ashcraft.

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