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Digital X-rays in Jacksonville, AR

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To bring the most comprehensive care to our patients, board-certified orthodontist Dr. Michael Ashcraft and our team utilize the latest advanced diagnostic technologies. Our Kodak 3D digital x-ray system allows us to capture highly detailed images of the teeth, jaws, and facial structures with up to 90% less radiation than emitted by traditional dental films. By taking these digital x-rays (also called radiographs) at the start of treatment, and then as needed to monitor tooth movement progress, Dr. Ashcraft is better equipped to diagnose orthodontic problems as early as possible and recommend the ideal treatment plan to bring health, function, and appearance to our patients. 3D digital x-rays afford great accuracy, revealing fine details about the positioning of the teeth within the jaw in three-dimensional images. As an integral part of the planning process in our Jacksonville, AR orthodontic practice, low-radiation 3D digital x-rays are used to personalize orthodontic care and meet the individual needs of each patient.

Best Candidates

Dr. Ashcraft and our team usually take digital x-rays during the initial treatment consultation and as needed to monitor progress over the continuum of care. Taking 3D digital x-rays is quick, comfortable, and safe for patients of all ages in most cases. However, any patient who is pregnant or who may be pregnant should inform our team so that appropriate precautions can be utilized. Digital x-rays show hidden areas of the mouth, such as the jawbones, teeth (including ones that have not yet erupted), and other facial structures that cannot be viewed directly during an examination. Because these high-quality three-dimensional images show areas of the mouth in such great detail, they are a vital part of diagnosing orthodontic conditions and accurate treatment planning to improve tooth position, oral function, and appearance. Dr. Ashcraft uses digital x-rays to evaluate for conditions, like impacted teeth, jaw misalignment, and eruption patterns, among other concerns. While our advanced system uses significantly less radiation than traditional films, we prefer to minimize patient exposure and only take x-rays when necessary for care.

What to Expect

A panoramic x-ray is a common radiograph used in orthodontic treatment. At Ashcraft Orthodontics, we typically take this type of digital x-ray initially to evaluate orthodontic needs and determine treatment timing. 3D panoramic x-rays generate a comprehensive view of the teeth, upper and lower jaws, sinus cavities, and other facial structures. When it is time for your panoramic x-ray, we will position you in front of our machine and have you bite down on a small stick made of plastic. The x-ray unit will then move in a circle, passing 360-degrees around your head. Once complete, a highly detailed image of your teeth, face, and jaws will be transmitted to our computer. You will find having a panoramic x-ray taken at our practice to be comfortable and efficient as the entire process takes place in under five minutes.


3D digital x-rays reveal areas of the mouth, teeth (including those that are unerupted), and jawbones, allowing Dr. Ashcraft to more definitively diagnose orthodontic concerns and develop appropriate treatment plans. He will review your panoramic x-ray with you and discuss any concerns or problems that may need to be treated with orthodontic care. X-rays may also be taken throughout the orthodontic process as necessary to keep a watch on how tooth movement is progressing. When x-rays are taken using our advanced low-radiation digital system, they are stored in each individual’s digital patient record and used by Dr. Ashcraft as needed to assess treatment results.

Insurance Coverage

Since panoramic x-rays are diagnostic services, they are often covered by most dental insurance policies on a 3 to 5-year basis. Our knowledgeable staff will carefully review your dental insurance benefits and determine if there will be any out-of-pocket costs for your x-ray. At Ashcraft Orthodontics, we are delighted to offer affordable orthodontic care and accept a range of payment options. Feel free to ask our friendly team about low-interest financing plans through CareCredit®.

Digital X-Rays

Diagnosing orthodontic conditions and planning for personalized care is now more accurate and precise than ever, thanks to advanced technology. To bring the highest quality of care to our patients, Dr. Ashcraft and our team proudly utilize low-radiation Kodak 3D digital x-rays, which show the teeth, jaws, and other structures in high-level detail. Digital x-rays are an integral part of the orthodontic process and are taken initially and on an as-needed basis to monitor treatment. For more information on how we use 3D digital x-rays to improve oral health and function, get in touch with Ashcraft Orthodontics in Jacksonville, AR today and schedule your consultation with our orthodontic specialist.

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